Businesses can’t operate successfully without IP networks interconnecting their users and devices. Understand the whole range of technologies that underpin your network.

Understanding Software Defined Networks (SDN) (1d.)

You learn the fundamentals of Software-Defined Networking: evolution, architecture, interactions and essential building blocks.

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DHCP Explained (2d.)

DHCP is the most important network management protocol. Learn more about DHCP and DHCPv6, with examples based on Microsoft Windows DHCP implementation.

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Enterprise Networking (3d.)

You will find out how an up-to-date network with Ethernet switches and routers is set up and works, and will become familiar with the terminology used.

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DNS Explained (2d.)

This course gives a thorough insight in the DNS protocol that is tremendously important for the correct operation of your network.

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Exploring Unified Communications and Collaboration (2d.)

Get the overall vision and acquire sufficient details to understand, plan, deploy and manage a UC implementation either as an enterprise or carrier.

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Exploring SIP (2d.)

The Session Initiation Protocol is the most important protocol in Voice and UC. You get a complete picture of the use of SIP with an IMS interconnection.

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Packet Analysis and Troubleshooting using Wireshark (PATW) (4d.)

This lab-based Wireshark training will get you up to speed with capturing packets, filtering and inspecting them.

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TCP/IPv4 Advanced (2d.)

Learn to identify latency issues, connection establishment problems and service refusals to get a better understanding of vulnerabilities in your network.

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IPv6 Explained (3d.)

Learn the new IPv6 features and transition mechanisms to secure your network when using IPv6. With labs to configure and test IPv6 connectivity a live network.

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First Look On IPv6 (0,5d.)

Every organisation should start testing and rolling out IPv6. This training will help you see the big picture of IPv6.

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IP Routing : BGP Explained (2d.)

The BGP protocol is a very flexible protocol and gives you the possibility to implement routing policies. You get an in-depth view in the BGP protocol.

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