ICT training

Here you will find all the ICT courses at the Proximus ICT Academy on the development and management of communication systems, networks and databases.


Fortinet : FortiGate is a network security appliance that can apply a number of security features to your network traffic, providing a consolidated security solution to match the needs of any network, big or small.

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Datacenter and cloud computing

Now is the time to get acquainted with the different models and aspects of datacenter and cloud computing technology: virtualization, cloud infrastructure, cyber security, migration ... .

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As official Microsoft training partner, you can redeem your Software Assurance vouchers at the Proximus ICT Academy and follow free training coached by an experienced trainer.

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Since more than 20 years, the Proximus ICT Academy is the leading Cisco learning partner offering a large number of trainings: CCNA, security (ISE and ASA), datacenter (a.o. Nexus), wireless and UC trainings.

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During our hands-on Linux trainings (both basic and advanced), you can practice on your own server in our lab. You are coached by an experienced trainer and will soon master Linux.

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F5 offers several possibilities to offer applications fast and secure to end users. We offer training both on the basic F5 platform, BigIP and on the other modules.

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Check Point

As a Check Point authorized training center since more than 15 years, the Proximus ICT Academy has acquired great expertise in Check Point.

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Mobile and wireless

Connected devices, aka the Internet of Things, are becoming widespread, both in industrial and in home applications. Several courses help you to understand this Internet of Things.

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Businesses can’t operate successfully without IP networks interconnecting their users and devices. Understand the whole range of technologies that underpin your network.

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VMware vSphere is the foundation of many datacenters. The official vSphere 6 courses help you to manage your virtual data center in an efficient way.

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NetApp systems allow for high availability file storage and management, both in standalone solutions as in FlexPod (prevalidated architecture using NetApp and Cisco hardware) deployments.

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Introduction to ICT

In these times of apps, cloud, big data and digital business, we explain you in a non-technical way today’s most common ICT terms. These trainings are planned regularly, but can also be tailored to a specific market.

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