Through e-learning you have the ability to access a course with structured content and branched testing - over the internet - anytime and any place. Rich graphical content is enhanced with the addition of audio, animation and video. E-learning clearly has some distinctive advantages:

  • Reduction of travel costs (transportation, accommodation)
  • Reduced unavailability of student
  • Possibility of very large volume of simultaneous trainings
  • Individualized learning: the student glances through the subjects he knows to concentrate on those whom he does not master, all at his own pace.
  • Greater flexibility

E-learning as surplus

E-learning is often used in a blended way, as a complement to instructor-led training or accompanied by coaching. In combination with instructor-led training, e-learning can be useful to bring all trainees to the same level before starting the course. Vice versa, after instructor-led training, e-learning can provide recapitulation of the most important issues accompanied with demonstrations and/or assessment.

That said, the learning effort is more important and requires a real motivation, discipline of study and active participation of the learner who will in most cases constitute his own course material. Over the years the Proximus ICT Academy has gained important experience with e-learning and can offer different options:

  • E-learning courses including theory and practical exercises
  • Remote labs to put into practice the knowledge acquired separately
  • Customized e-learning courses.

Customized e-learning

Transforming learning targets and lesson plans into structured self-study e-learning modules is a true challenge: a professional and structured approach is needed. The Proximus ICT Academy can help you with the development of a script that uses different elements, in a balanced way:

The final solution can be completely tailored to your needs, e.g. the e-learning will be branded according to your company's look and feel. In addition, training remains accessible on the company Intranet for newcomers or for a refresher course.

Juniper e-learning

Networking Fundamentals (5 hours) as required for the JNCIA-Junos certification (free of charge).


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