Packet Analysis and Troubleshooting using Wireshark (PATW) (4d.)


Follow this lab-based training to really get to know your network: Analyze your network with Wireshark

If you want to feel safe about your network, you’ll have to analyze it regularly. During 4 days you’ll learn how to work with Wireshark for analysis and troubleshooting of your network: capture packets, filter them and inspect them. A Wireshark Certified Network Analyst will teach you how to retrieve the maximum amount of information out of your captures. You will analyze network protocols, reassemble TCP streams, decrypt SSL and IPsec communication, recover FTP downloads and listen to VoIP calls. You’ll also discover other troubleshooting tools, such as ping, traceroute, dig ….

Why baselining your network? by Wireshark expert Willem Delrue (video - EN)

Duration: 28.00 hour(s)
Price: 2120



Location: Tournai
Course language: French


Location: Brussels
Course language: English


Introduction to Packet & Network Analysis
  • Packet Analysis?
  • Base lining traffic
  • Capture traffic
Tapping into the wire
  • Appropriate location
  • Network diagram
Introduction to Wireshark
  • Getting and installing Wireshark
Using  Wireshark
  • Different window elements
  • Configure Wireshark
  • Save, open, import & export capture files
  • Capture & display filters
  • Colouring rules
  • Find specific packets
  • Timestamps
  • Graphs & flowcharts
  • Profiles
  • Remote capture
  • Context sensitive menu
  • Decode SSL streams, IPsec & VoIP calls
  • Capture filters.
    • Capture filter syntax
    • Combine, test & save capture filters.
    • Edit the cfilters file
    • Export capture filters
  • Display filters.
    • Display filters syntax.
    • Enhance filters with hidden fields
    • Common mistakes
  • Combine, test & save display filters
  • Edit the dfilters file
  • Export capture filters
Wireless sniffing
  • Challenges
  • Channel hopping
  • Recommendations
  • Wireless card modes
  • Sniffing wirelessly in Windows, Linux
  • Analysing wireless traffic
Analyzing protocols
  • Normal / abnormal protocol traffic
  • Specific menu- & toolbar items, capture and display filters for network protocols
  • Understand the normal TCP/IP Multistep Resolution
  • Normal / abnormal traffic patterns
  • Top causes of network problems
  • Use command line troubleshooting tools &  link them to Wireshark 


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